Same Song Different Verse or Something More Perverse?

Israel accepts a ceasefire plan – suspends combat operations – Hamas rejects the proposal – calls it a “joke” – and fires a barrage of 47 rockets at Israel! If you looked up the word predictable in the dictionary of the Middle East – this recent real life/real time scenario is what predictable looks like.

According to the latest IDF blog post:
• Over 1081 rocket have been launched at Israel.
• 845 of those rockets hit Israel
• Approximately 191 rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system.
• The IDF has targeted over 1,576 terror targets with both naval and aerial capabilities.

If those numbers were associated with any other geo-political entity not named Israel – instead of demonizing the people being attacked – the world’s collective outrage would be getting in the face of those doing the attacking. To say that another way – if one of those unguided missiles from Gaza took out the Dome of the Rock – even though that would be poetic justice on steroids – the anti-Israel/anti-Jewish propaganda machine would kick into overdrive. And in the comments section of the viral YouTube video of this – we’d be reading how it was really the “Zionist Pigs” who destroyed the Temple Mount.

Right now – throughout Europe – diverse purveyors of hate are increasingly finding common anti-Semitic ground surrounding this current crisis. And as a result – it’s starting to feel like this may develop into something more than the usual pre-apocalyptic skirmish. God only knows. But this I do know. Looking at the murky present – through the clear lens of a triumphant prophetic future – when the Messianic Tribe of Judah Lion – comes to Zion –completely uprooting and overthrowing the present world order – as we filter this whole thing through that biblical grid – it diminishes debilitating despair – and it engenders courageous hope! Baruch Ha-Shem.




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