Wheat & Chaff – As Metaphors for Blog-Speak

Someone once wisely said, “Take God seriously – but don’t take yourself too seriously.” And someone else sagely quipped, “If you ain’t who you is – you is who you ain’t.” In short – the common sense in those two homespun proverbs is why I chose the name Wheat & Chaff for this blog. The wheat represents that which I take seriously – which when reduced to the irreducible minimum – is the Person of God – the Word of God – and living as a child of God. Conversely – the chaff points to that which I take a lot less seriously – which is primarily myself – in terms of my relatively benign foibles and follies.

The wheat content is essentially persuasive. And for you the reader –that rhetorical grain will land somewhere on a scale of what you think is credible – reasonable – and emotionally compelling. The chaff material is basically my style of expression. Which is part of that, “if you ain’t who you is – you is who you ain’t” thing. And since the chaff is tied to how I say what I say – some mixture of wheat and chaff is unavoidable – hence the name Wheat & Chaff.

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