Here and Now to There and Then

When the majority of non-Jewish believers in the Jewish Messiah – appear to be generally indifferent to the current rocket barrage against the Jewish state – it would seem that the collective moral conscience of contemporary Christianity is selective at best – and latently or blatantly anti-Jewish at worst. And while such incongruities are nothing new within theologically liberal circles – endorsement of the “Palestinian” Mid-East narrative – is a relatively recent phenomenon within doctrinally conservative communities of faith – communities that historically have affirmed the biblical legitimacy of Israel and its corresponding right to exist. And while this current trend is certainly disturbing – I don’t think it’s surprising. I’m convinced God is allowing this capitulation to escalate because eventually it will mutate and morph into the ecumenical matrix of a future global pseudo theocracy.


In the time leading up to this one size fits all pseudo theocracy – I don’t see the evil designs of jihadist ideology ever being fully realized – at least not on a truly global scale. To me a more plausible scenario is that a single political leader – an individual like the world has never seen before – will emerge as the author and facilitator of an unprecedented amalgamation of jihadist ideology with every other “spirituality” that’s also biblically false. And the acceptance and implementing of this ecclesiastical game-changer – will be the very thing that provokes god–like adoration of the leader the Bible identifies as the Antichrist – thus establishing his short lived pseudo theocracy.


Now given that polar opposite truth claims in these disparate worldviews will be unified – I have no idea how this is actually going to come together. But I do know that a pervasive spirit of delusion will be operative during this time – and that the individual who accomplishes this religious coup d’état – will be infused with a power emanating from Satan himself.  I also know – as all this is about to go down – human desperation for some kind of earthly peace and stability will be at an absolute fever pitch. In short – it will be the perfect storm for universal spiritual deception. That’s the bad news. But the good news – is that according to the Hebrew prophet Daniel – this pseudo theocracy will only have a seven year shelf life. And when Messiah Himself takes that counterfeit product off the spiritual market – He’ll replace it with His own genuine theocracy. Decisively – and instantaneously – the Tribe of Judah Lion King will completely uproot and overthrow this perverse future world order – replacing it with His own righteous reign.


As I long for the here and now to become the there and then – I anticipate the Bridegroom’s soon return for His Bride – and – I fully expect that self-serving compromising politicians will continue to do what self-serving compromising politicians do – while also knowing that God will continue to allow that to the extent that it mysteriously contributes to the ultimate and glorious fulfillment of His sovereign plans and purposes. So in light of the certainty of that eschatological “Sweet By-and-By” – I can handle the sociological Sucky Here-and-Now – because even though I’m presently a temporary resident under a Gentile president – one day I will eternally sing to a Jewish King!




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