Salvation – Divine Election or Human Elective?

With regard to the age old theological conundrum – if God chooses a person to receive salvation in Jesus – how do I harmonize that with the fact that a person is still held responsible to trust Jesus for salvation – I would suggest this:

What appears as contradiction and irreconcilable to the one for whom time is temporal – is actually righteously and gloriously harmonious in the mind and plan of the One for whom time is one eternal now.

On a more practical level –  here’s how John Hannah – a favorite seminary professor of mine honestly dealt with the, “Why Some and Not Others,” aspect of this issue:

“Why has God chosen me and not my neighbor? Why does God open the hearts of some and not of others? It is not that some lack and some have the ability to affect infinite choices. It is the extent of our ability that is the problem: we can all affect finite choices, but none can affect infinite choices. So He chose merely as a function of His will; that is all I know. Why His will so functions, I do not know.”

I also like what the priest character in the movie Rudy said, “He’s God and I’m not!”
Bottom Line:  Salvation – Divine Election or Human Elective?  –  Answer:  Sovereignly – Gloriously – and Mysteriously – it’s BOTH!  And so as Mike Myers used to say on the SNL skit “Coffee Talk with Linda Richman – Discuss.” 😉




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