Different Meaning Different Morality

The rockets currently raining down on Israel recently prompted me to do a word study on the term “hamas.” Hamas appears 42 times in the Hebrew Scriptures. In the updated NASB translation hamas is most often rendered as “violence.” The other less frequent NASB designations carry the same destructive connotation and are translated as “malicious,” wrong,” and “injures.” Also, in reference to Messiah’s character, hamas is used in Isaiah 53:9 to say, “…he committed no violent deeds” (NET). Clearly the Hebraic side of this linguistic coin is a mirror image of current Jihadist aggression against Israel as Israel tries to protect its civilian population.


in direct contrast, the Arabic cognate of hamas refers to the courageous valour of a soldier engaged in military battle (noun form).  And on this side of the linguistic fence hamas also paints a picture of being active, brave, and constant in warfare (verb form). Therefore, it’s safe to assume that the Jihadists in Gaza identify with the Arabic meaning of hamas. That definition corresponds to how hamas demonically preceives itself. However, one day the Messianic Lion will come to Zion and by His complete uprooting and overthrowing of the present world order, He will actually link Spanish to this Hebraic/Arabic term by righteously declaring “No Mas Hamas!”


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