Prolegomena to Any Future Anti-Semitism – Connecting the Dots of Hatred

Prolegomena, what’s up with that? No worries, just a fancy way of saying, “Before I can say what I want to say, I have to say this about what I want to say, because saying what I have to say about what I want to say, will help you understand what I really want to say.” Well now that we’ve cleared that up ;), “Prolegomena to Any Future…,” is an Immanuel Kant riff. Kant was a philosopher who literally changed the way people in the Western world think for the worst! In fact, because of the way he dealt with the issue of how do you know that you know that you know, he really planted the seeds for what eventually became postmodernism. And basically postmodernism is where truth is in the imagination of the beholder. In other words, no absolutes meaning no universal statements that correspond to reality; the way things actually are.

Anyway, with that “I don’t mean to didactic or pedantic” Woody Allen prolegomena out of the way, here’s what I really want to say: In the big prophetic picture of things what’s going on in our world today?  Where are we heading? In my view basically this:  As we get closer and closer to the time of Messiah’s return, we’re also correspondingly getting closer to the day when Israel stands alone against the nations; no allies, no support, no in front of her, and no one behind her. According to the bible that’s how it will be when multiple nations attack Israel during the future military campaigns of Gog/Magog and Armageddon. That’s what we’re moving towards.  And so from an eschatological standpoint, I’m convinced that’s why anti-Semitism is rapidly increasing today.

But what’s the underlying source of this anti-Semitism? Where does it come from? Well there’s coming a day when many will be shocked to learn that fundamentally anti-Semitism is anti-God! At its core, anti-Semitism is actually anti-God.

Romans 5:12 teaches that as a result of our corporate identification with Adam, humanity enters the world in a state of sinful rebellion against God. And part of the acting out of this sinful rebellion against God; is hatred, contempt, and disdain, for things associated with God! And for His own sovereign grace driven purposes, not because of any intrinsic merit of their own, God chose to use the Jewish people as His human means to bring His Word into the world and His Son into the world. And the Word declares Satan’s demise, and the Son executes Satan’s demise. And Satan is the ultimate sinful rebel against God. So what we’re saying is that Satan, the embodiment of evil and the enemy of our souls, is the foundational first-cause of all anti-Jewish persecution, why; because the Jewish people are intimately and inseparably connected to the two things that took Satan out; namely the Word of God and the Son of God.

Now ironically many Gentiles who are spiritually connected to the Jewish Messiah won’t make this anti-Semitism/anti-God connection until they stand before The Lord at the Bema, the Judgment Seat of Christ, when believers have their lives evaluated. And as a result, Gentile believers who currently have anti-Semitic attitudes, or think it’s cute and funny to dis Jewish people, will lose spiritual reward! And tragically those who die not spiritually connected to the Jewish Messiah, won’t fully make this anti-Semitism/anti-God connection until the Great White Throne Judgment, and by then it’s too late, because they’ll find themselves irreversibly, consciously, and eternally separated from God!

I don’t have an axe to grind. I’m not trying to lay a guilt trip on non-Jewish believers. That’s immature. It only alienates people. It doesn’t serve any constructive purpose. So where I’m coming from is simply this: It is what it is! It is what it is. We’re all part of a fallen race in a fallen place. And so anti-Semitism is part of the world in which currently we live. And the demonic influence of Satan, the underlying spiritual evil that we presently contend with, is also part of the world in which we currently live.

Plus, here’s another thing we need to factor into the mix.  As part of the outworking of the blessing and cursing aspect of the Mosaic covenant (Lev. 26, Deut. 28), the Hebrew prophets repeatedly foretold that Israel would experience devastating consequences if they disobeyed the revealed will of God.  And tragically those sufferings have often been intensified by vicious expressions of anti-Semitism. But again here’s the thing, those Gentile nations guilty of these vicious expressions of anti-Semitism, went way too far, and continue to go way too far in their role of unknowingly serving as the human vehicle for Divine judgment. In other words their just acting out on their inherent Adamic depravity. And so God is angry at those nations. And he will hold them fully accountable for all their actions. Which also indicates that God only knows where what He directly causes to happen and what He consciously allows to happen exactly begins and ends; i.e. the relationship between Divine sovereignty and human responsibility.

In any event, like Bob Dylan sang in his song All Along the Watchtower, “Let’s us not talk falsely now – the hour is getting late!” Affirm what is true. Shame the Devil. He knows his time is short. The “Time of Jacob’s Trouble “is coming around the bend and its picking up steam.  And even though more Jewish people will die during that future seven year tribulation period than died during the Holocaust (cf. Zech. 13:8), those Jewish people who do survive will be the saved “all Israel” of Romans 11:26!  And this means that the believing remnant becomes a believing nation.  And at that point, instead of connecting the anti-Semitic dots of hatred to anti-God rebellion originating from the king of this world, will be basking in the pro-Semitic blessing originating from the King of the world to come.

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