Incorrectly Correct

1) When agenda-driven ideological political correctness operating under a banner of culturally determined/continual state of flux notions of tolerance, diversity, and multi-culturalism, completely or partially conflict with unchanging divine truth preserved in written form containing principles with far-reaching societal and cultural implications, political correctness is wrong and should be rejected.

2) When political correctness facilitates a double standard allowing one group of people to say one thing but not allowing another group of people to say essentially the same thing, or to say something different than the culturally accepted right thing, that politically correct hypocrisy and restriction is wrong and should be rejected.

3) When political correctness is only about using terms that a particular group of people prefer being addressed as, then unless those preferred terms redefine evil as good or good as evil, political correctness should be considered as nothing more than morally neutral civility and cultural sensitivity.

Bottom Line:
Much of what happens all around us every day, undetected, is an invisible tug-of-war over the eternal destination of human souls (cf. Eph. 6:12). Using the suppression of expression associated with political correctness, the adversary tries to prevent people from hearing and responding to the gospel. And yet ironically, with skillful subtlety, that same adversary can also use an overly strident, “that’s not fair” response to the hypocrisy of political correctness to prevent people from wanting to hear the gospel from us! Therefore, it seems to me, that sometimes we might have to restrain ourselves and wisely pick our confrontational spots for the greater good of trying to influence people to seriously consider the Savior.


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