The Storm Before the Kingdom

With Auschwitz in the rear view mirror the Time of Jacob’s Trouble (Jer. 30:7) draws near. Holocaust Past is fading – Holocaust Future is on the horizon. Before “Never Again” is never again  – there’s an again! History repeats itself to a degree that is measurably larger in scale than the previous genocide which has left an indelible scar on the collective Jewish psyche. There’s no way to sugar-coat or dance around this sobering apocalyptic scenario. Yet when this short-lived escalation of evil is suddenly and dramatically terminated a thoroughly righteous theocracy will commence.

Armed with the authority and inspiration of the God of Israel, the prophet Zechariah, looking far into future saw a day when two-thirds of the Jewish people inhabiting the entire earth will actually perish (Zech. 13:8)! This satanically orchestrated and demonically energized wholesale destruction of human life happens during the Great Tribulation when Israel will suffer tremendous persecution (Mat. 24:15–28; Rev. 12:1–17). The underlying reason for this persecution is Satan’s antipathy toward the Jewish people because they are the human means through whom God brought His Word and Son into the world; the very two things that predicted and will execute the ultimate demise of this ultimate example of a created being rebelling against its Creator.

Yet the final and everlasting outcome for the one third of Jewish people who survive this unprecedented persecution is truly miraculous and glorious. The Messianic deliverer coming from Zion will turn godlessness away from Jacob and enable the faith required for universal Jewish salvation (cf. Zech. 12:10, 13:1;  Rom.11:26). In its surviving totality, Israel, for the first time in its long and difficult history, is a completely redeemed corporate entity. The believing remnant is now a believing nation. And when that happens, there will be a complete uprooting and overthrowing of the present world order resulting in the full establishment of the Kingdom of God on planet earth!

Before “Never Again” is never again, the Divine Jewish Liberator must appear again. And we can rest assured that He will because His covenant love and loyalty toward His physical brothers and sisters demands nothing less. When He quenches the storm peace and righteousness will be the norm. So within whatever allotment of time the Lord chooses to give us, let’s courageously shoot straight with people about what’s coming around the bend and how the end of the story is eternally good for those who take refuge in His saving grace.


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