The Religion Gone Wild Card

Without question, absolutely wicked brutalities have occurred and continue to occur in the name of religion. But if we recognize this dark side of belief as part of an incessant war being waged over the eternal destiny of human souls, souls with intrinsic worth and value because they bear the dignity of their Creator, this travesty is not surprising.  Forgiveness of sin and eternal life is the absolute most important thing for anyone to have possession of.  But there exits a literal embodiment of evil that seeks to thwart our faith reception of this salvation at all costs. And for such a diabolical being, the most effective strategy for accomplishing this anti-God obsession, is to grossly pervert what is intended to show one the way to Heaven, and then demonically use that mutation to seductively direct one to Hell!

When Barrack Obama, or anyone else, plays the religion gone wild card as being the underlying reason for atrocities committed by both ISIS and Medieval Roman Catholicism; instead of galvanizing efforts to stop barbarism and terrorism, such deflection only serves to reinforce the dangerous deception that one’s personal preference is the final arbiter of what is genuinely true, and that to assert otherwise inevitably results in man inflicting harm upon his fellow man.  In actuality though, the only rational way to circumvent being engulfed by the uncertainty this lie produces, and the only responsibly way to deal with the unavoidable issue of conflicting truth claims, is to seriously consider what God has said in His written Word, and then humbly ask God if His Word is true for all people in all circumstances at all times.

For many, the religion gone wild card is their ace in the hole to justify their desire for moral and intellectual autonomy. But in real time/real life, the religion gone wild card is just a red herring in a losing hand.  And concerning the prominent purveyors of religion of His day,  Jesus said, “…by their fruit you will recognize them”(Matt. 7:20). In short, denouncing evil while also affirming absolute truth is not a politically correct disconnect, it is a holy and righteous submission to reality!


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