The Fate of Hate

Purim begins on March 4th. And this megillah is not vanilla. It’s a failed murder plot full of real life/real time reversal and irony. And with God behind the curtain – one thing’s for certain – an incident of hate is no match for a “coincidence” of fate. Divine destiny wins every time. The covenant making/covenant keeping God protects and preserves His covenant people. Plus, everything that happens happens because God either directly causes it to happen or He consciously allows it to happen. And that insures that what He ultimately wants to happen will happen! And when all is said and done, He looks good big time. And, an off-the chain steroids example of this, are the events – incidents – and statements in the book of Esther which point to God choosing to remain anonymous while rescuing His Jewish people from evil and certain death! Which is why just about every Jewish holiday can be summed up as “They tried to kill us – we won – let’s eat!”

I’m convinced we live in a day when absolute biblical truth claims, particularly those which affirm a specific end-times apocalyptic scenario, are going to be increasingly equated with jihadist terrorism! In fact, we may have already reached the point where Messiah followers who take seriously and publically proclaim the 27% of God’s Word which is prophetic in nature, are being watched by intelligence and law-enforcement agencies as possible security threats.  And that kind of cultural landscape could very well be conducive to the inauguration of some kind of future ecumenical hodge-podge of false doctrine that the satanically deployed and empowered false – messiah will eventually control and preside over.

I also think the current demonically facilitated murderous activity of ISIS is reflective of the big-picture of the adversary’s evil activity in the world. And that activity is basically this: 1) Stop Jews from living to stop Messiah from coming. 2) Since Messiah came, and since Jews must confess their unbelief and plead for Messiah to come again before Messiah comes again (cf. Zech. 12:10; Matt. 23:37-39); stop Jews from living to stop Messiah from coming again!

Given the fact that for His own sovereign grace driven purposes, as opposed to any shred of human merit, God chose to use the Jewish people as His biological means to bring His Son into the world who decisively and eternally defeated this ultimate rebel and embodiment of evil, (a victory not yet fully realized); this two-fold annihilation strategy and its corresponding anti- Messianic rationale, is the foundational first cause of all anti-Jewish persecution.  And, it’s the only truly definitive explanation for the longest and most enduring hatred in the history of the world.

The story of Esther is a powerful reminder that created beings; in both the human and fallen angelic realm, do not have the power to prevent the realization of their Creator’s plans and purposes. Just because evil has not been totally eradicated yet, does not mean it never will!  And when it is, there will be a manifestation of Divine glory on a scale that presently we can’t even begin to fully fathom; because at the end of the day, hate is no match for fate.


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