False Equivalency

Sometimes it seems like much of largely media-driven contemporary pop-culture in which life imitates art while art seeks to imitate life, is the mixing and matching of sweet/bitter, light/darkness, and good/evil (cf. Isa. 5:20). Last Sunday night at the Oscars, following his powerful spoken word performance of “Glory” which won Best Original Song from the movie Selma; the Hip-Hop artist known as “Common” made a very common category mistake when he compared the African-American Civil Rights Movement of 1960’s and it’s heroic struggle for human dignity to the widely accepted concept of “sexual orientation.” In today’s world, the term sexual orientation is politically correct/morally neutral code for non-heterosexual behavior conflated with social justice concerns.  Yet the truth is, this “orientation,” like any other so-called orientation that chooses to live independently of God and out of alignment with His revealed will, stems from an underlying desire for autonomy and a corresponding disdain for accountability. Sexuality in accordance with the beautiful design and dignified purpose of its Creator, is a sacred gift given to human beings who already possess the essential components of personhood;  intellect, emotion, and will. The desire and capacity to express physical intimacy given to men and women who display the Divine imprint of their Creator is part of what we’re able to do for good or bad but it doesn’t fundamentally define who we are. The core of our identity, and the foundational reason for our intrinsic worth and value is that by virtue of our existence we testify to the fact of God’s existence.  And because of the dreadful game-changing reality of sin, the image of this Divine testimony has been defaced, but in no-way – shape -or form – erased!  We still retain our essential worth and value.  But of course in his maniacal anti-God obsession devoted to our absolutely worst interests, the adversary would have us believe otherwise and drink his diabolical  kool-aid which promises freedom and life but delivers bondage and death.

Whether it’s same sex attraction or different race repulsion, living on this side of Adam’s transgression means we all have sin issues for which we need Divine forgiveness to receive salvation and Divine empowerment to live in a way that’s pleasing in God’s sight.  Many of the people who courageously crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama in 1965 were individuals of deep and abiding biblical faith who directed many to a path that was both socially and spiritually redemptive – which is why Common’s common category mistake was both a disrespectful and false equivalency.


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